How To Choose A Rug

 Follow these tips to find the best rug for your specific space.

  1.  Measure your space. Before going rug shopping, measure the space you want to cover, and include the furniture that will anchor your floor covering. Consider mapping the area out in painter’s tape to ensure that you can arrange your furniture properly.
  2. Pick the right style. Contemplate the décor of your room, and consider the type of rug that is most suitable. For instance, a sisal or jute rug conveys a casual style. A dhurrie, kilim, or shag rug lends a more bohemian ambiance. Geometric, farmhouse, and mid-century style rugs complement modern room décor. Traditional Persian, Moroccan, or Oriental rugs lend themselves well to eclectic design.
  3. Consider the material. Natural fiber rugs (like those made of silk, cotton, and wool) are much pricier than synthetic fiber rugs, but they are more durable and will likely last longer than flooring made from artificial materials. If you have young children or pets, prioritize synthetic fiber carpets (which are easier to clean). Also, consider the practicality of the rug’s material in any given location. For example, a kitchen runner should be stain-resistant due to its proximity to food and drink, and an outdoor rug should be weatherproof.
  4. Contemplate foot traffic. Low pile rugs—with flat weaves created in a loom—are ideal for high-traffic areas since they’re easy to vacuum and clean. High pile rugs—with open weaves, like shag—are perfect for a lush and cozy vibe that’s soft to the touch but will likely get dirty and lose their volume with lots of foot traffic.
  5. Choose between solid colors or patterns. If your walls and furniture are mostly solid colors, use a patterned rug to draw the eyes to the center of the room. Opt for a rug featuring a single solid color if you have patterned wallpaper or furniture. If you’re shopping online, inquire about the store sending you swatches in the mail, so you can ascertain that you like the pattern up close.

As usual its easier said then done, that's why we are here as interior designers and rug professionals to help you to chose. Contact us to get your perfect rug!




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