How do I choose a rug for my dining area?

How do I choose a rug for my dining area?

A rug in your dining room would definitely soften and enhance your space but not all rugs will be suited to the constant pulling and moving of chairs, food or drink spills, heavy furniture and frequent cleaning. 

When considering a rug for your dining room you need to consider the size of the rug, when chairs and pulled out will they catch on the rug?  Another thing to consider, too small a rug may cause tripping incidents, or too large overpower the room or run into other pieces of furniture.

Color and design can great impact your dining room – it is advised to go for a patterned rug so spills and stains will not stand out as they would on solid colored rug.

Other things to consider, if it’s an occasional room for dinner parties then you will require a different type or rug to if you have children.


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